COGS Protest

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A protest formed on the Old Capitol Steps Tuesday afternoon and the group that organized it was the College of Graduate Students at the University of Iowa. Since November of 2016, the graduate students have been in talks with the University over their contracts. Daily Iowan TV Reporter Noah Goudie was at the protest to find out more.

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A recently passed law in the Iowa legislature took away some collective bargaining rights for teaching unions in the state of Iowa, and those that had their rights taken away have expressed concerns moving forward. The graduate student union known as COGS took to the pentacrest Tuesday to protest the collective bargaining bill and have their voices heard.

SOT – Landon Ekland / President, COGS Union

“If the graduate workers continue to be left out of the conversation over their benefits then we are going to stand up and fight back. That’s what you saw here today was us mobilizing to stand up and fight.”

Standup – Noah Goudie/ @NoahGoudieNews

“Following the graduate students protest on the Old Capitol steps they moved to Jessup Hall where they tried to speak with President Harreld about the cuts to their contracts. When they arrived, they were surprised to find that two other University officials were there to hear their concerns.”

After arriving at President Harreld’s office, the graduate students did not get the answers they were looking for and left empty handed.

SOT – Bailey Kelley / Vice President, COGS Union

“Well, we wanted to have a conversation with the administration because their saying that they have our best interest in mind. That they want to work with us. That they want to have conversations with graduate student on this campus. Then why would they not want to have a conversation with its workers?”

The Graduate student union says that they are not going to give up their battle for their rights that they feel have been taken away from them. Reporting from the pentacrest in Downtown Iowa City, Noah Goudie, Daily Iowan TV.