Take Back The Night

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It is sexual assault awareness month and organizations from around the Iowa City community came together to show their support. Daily Iowan TV Reporter Noah Goudie was there to bring us the story.

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That’s the sounds you could hear Tuesday evening as students, community members, and therapy dogs all came out to show support at the annual Take Back The Night rally in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

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“Take Back The Night marches originated in the 1970s originally in our country and they were apart of the battered womens movement. It was sort of the beginning of activism around domestic violence and sexual assault.”

This event has since continued at the University of Iowa being held every year in the spring to bring awareness to the campus.

SOT – Jessica Owens / UI Student

“It’s a problem on our campus and also in our communities so I think that its really important especially as we are coming to the end of sexual assault activism month to really sort of remember that.”

Stand up – Noah Goudie / @Noah_Goudie

“The Take Back The Night event gave University of Iowa students and the community a chance to voice their opinion on sexual assault.”

This event began with a march around the Downtown Iowa City area and then led into people taking their turns standing up to the microphone to tell their stories or someone elses story that has been affected by Sexual Assault.

SOT – Madison Hoffman / UI Student

“If a survivor wants to get up and talk or if someone wants to get up and talk about an experience that they have had with sexual violence its an open venue to do so.”

Everyone in attendance kept saying that the fight against sexual assault is a group effort and that those victims are not alone in their time of need.

SOT – Linda Stewart Kroon / Director, WRAC

“Ultimately the solution to the problem is that it is going to need all of us. I think that it is just one of those things that is compelling. There is no need for this violence to be happening and we can stop it.”

The group plans to continue the Take Back The Night event for years to come all in the effort to combat Sexual Assault. Reporting from the Pentacrest in Downtown Iowa City, Noah Goudie, Daily Iowan TV.


DAPL City Response

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A news conference was held Thursday morning to speak about the recent call from Dakota Access Pipeline protesters.

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They asked the city to divest all their funds from financial institutions that have made investments towards the pipeline. This comes weeks after a federal judge ruled to reject a request to block the pipeline from further construction. Protesters say that divesting money from financial institutions is the communities ability to show that they are not okay with the pipeline. The city has responded to the protesters request with the support of the idea.

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“That’s something they look at every two years and can be somewhat difficult to just kinda flip to another bank to do, but my feeling from that conversation is that is something we are trying to actively pursue and will continue to pursue.”

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The city has already divested nearly ninety percent of their funds from financial institutions that invested in the pipeline. They plan on relocating the rest of their money to local banks throughout the remainder of the year.