Dumpling Darling

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Dumpling Darling has opened up in Downtown Iowa City and the story behind the restaurant is one that the owners never saw happening. Daily Iowan TV Reporter Noah Goudie spoke with the owners to find out more.

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Locator: Dumpling Darling / Iowa City, Iowa

Dumpling Darling Owners Lesley and Brian Triplett met at the University of Iowa while working at Atlas Restaurant and Bar where they hit it off just a few weeks before Lesley was set to leave to travel the world.

Lower Third: Brian Triplett / Co-Owner of Dumpling Darling

“She told me she was leaving for South Korea in a few weeks and I thought that’s to bad she is really pretty and nice. We went and talked about travel as our first date and then I think our third date was moving into a 200 square foot apartment with no windows in Seoul.”

That move together to Seoul, South Korea introduced them to the world of Dumplings.

Lower Third: Lesley Triplett / Co-Owner of Dumpling Darling

“It was there that I fell in love with dumplings. They would have a neighborhood mondue stand, that’s what dumplings are called in Korea and we would eat it all the time and when we came back here I started a farmers market stand to recreate the dumplings just as a hobby.”

That hobby grew from just the one farmers market stand to catering large orders and then eventually their new stores home on Iowa Avenue.

Standup: Noah Goudie / @Noah_Goudie

“Lesley and Brian have actually told me about how they have traveled to nearly 50 countries around the world and those experiences have actually inspired their menu here at their new restaurant in Downtown Iowa City.”

SOT: Lesley Triplett

“The Kimchi Mondo that was a Korean Dumpling that we were used to eating all the time and then we also travelled all around Asia. We recently in China learned how to make soup dumplings, Shanghai Soup Dumplings.”

Those different foods that they have decided to bring back from their travels have seemed to have hit it off well with the residents of Iowa City who can’t get enough of the Dumpling Darling.

SOT: Brian Triplett

We have had an incredible response these first couple of weeks and if you look at our menu boards we are running out of a few things, so right now we are just going to focus on making the shop the best it can be.”

Lesley and Brian plan to keep bringing more to their menu as they continue to travel throughout the world. Reporting from Dumpling Darling in Downtown Iowa City, Noah Goudie, Daily Iowan TV.