Student Immunity Bill

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One idea sparked on the University of Iowa campus is now turning heads at the Iowa Legislator. Daily Iowan TV Reporter Noah Goudie has more on the story.

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Underage drinking on college campuses has seen an increase in recent years and has people worried for the safety of those consuming alcohol. With current laws against underage drinking, it can make it difficult for the individual to ask for medical help if they are worried about the reprocutions that could be held against them.

Standup: Noah Goudie / @Noah_Goudie

“With these concerns the University of Iowa Student Government proposed a bill to the Iowa Legislator that would protect the underage individual if they seeked medical attention due to alcohol consumption and now the state legislators have revised the bill and it has already passed the senate and moved on to the house for further review here at the State Capital.”

The proposed bill would prohibit state universities from imposing certain disciplinary sanctions against students who need medical help due to alcohol consumption. Senator Brad Zaun, who sponsored the UISG bill spoke on legislations hopes for the proposal.

SOT: Senator Brad Zaun / R-Urbandale

“The intent of this is not to promote drinking but rather potentially save someone who needs emergency services that made a poor decision by drinking under the age.”

The bill even included protection for a person who reports that another individual is in need of medical attention as long as the person that reported the incident cooperates fully with medical and law enforcement.

SOT: Senator Jeff Danielson / D-Black Hawk County

“I want to show up on a scene and I want you to be able to stay there and protect and make sure your friend is safe. All the way to the end of that event.”

With the senate approving this bill, the piece of legislation has to make it through both the House of Representatives and then the Governor before it could be considered an actual law. Reporting from the Des Moines, Iowa, Noah Goudie, Daily Iowan TV.

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There is no set date on when the bill will be voted on in the House of Representatives. Stick with Daily Iowan TV as the story develops further.