Eat, Sleep, Study Package

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Midterms are fast on the rise and students are getting in those long hours of studying at the library for their exams. Students who use the main library have many different options for study areas within the building. The main floor is open for discussion and group studying while the second floor and up are designated as quiet study floors. Many students appreciate the quiet study areas that the University has provided for them.

Sot- Brianna Cole, UI Sophomore

I definitely have test every week or something so I am always in the library. Usually on the second or third floor because they are a little bit quieter.

Standup- Noah Goudie, @Noah_Goudie

In a study done in 2014 it was found that the four main reasons students use the library to study is the quiet study spaces, availability to electronics and other materials, and the convenient location on campus.

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The location of the main library on campus allows for students to go and utilize all of what the library has to offer in between their classes.

Sot- Kayla Zelenz, UI Sophomore

For me, it is all about time management so there is no one really telling me what to do and sometimes all you have is one midterm or one final and you really have to prioritize your time.

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Reporting from the Main Library in downtown Iowa City, Noah Goudie, Daily Iowan TV.


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